Simon Zahra Racing is an Australian-based horse racing company that provides quality racehorses for sale. Located in Victoria, the company has been providing racehorse owners with premium horses since 2021. With a selection of some of the highest performing thoroughbreds available in Australia, Simon Zahra Racing allows customers to Buy Racehorses Australia and join forces with them in their quest to create champions on the racetrack.

Buy Racehorses Australia

Buy Racehorses Australia offers only top-quality horses for sale, ensuring that their customers are provided with the best possible opportunity when it comes to owning a successful racehorse.

Their selection includes yearlings and weanlings (colts and fillies) as well as broodmares, stallions and horses already in training.

The selection of horses available ensures that customers can find a suitable mount for almost any level of racing, from beginners to seasoned pros.

Racehorse Ownership

At Simon Zahra Racing, customers have the opportunity to purchase a full share or partial share in their racehorse.

This feature allows people to become part owners of their horse and share the costs associated with owning one, as well as reap in the rewards when successful on the racetrack for Buy Racehorses Australia.

All buyers are provided with detailed information regarding each horse’s bloodline, performance record and pedigree before making a purchase decision.

Services & Support

Simon Zahra Racing provides a range of services and support for its clients. From pre-purchase inspections to post-sale support, the company has their customers’ best interests in mind.

They also provide a comprehensive aftercare service and are always available for advice and support when needed for Buy Racehorses Australia.

This ensures that every racehorse purchased from Simon Zahra Racing is well cared for throughout its career.

Why Buy Racehorses Australia?

Owning a racehorse in Australia provides a number of benefits and opportunities for those looking to get involved in the exciting world of thoroughbred horse racing.

As a racehorse owner, you can take advantage of potential profits from prize money, stud fees, syndication and resale value. Additionally, there are also some significant social benefits associated with Buy Racehorses Australia.

One of the primary advantages of buying a racehorse in Australia is financial gain. Racehorses can provide an excellent return on investment through winnings and prizes awarded at each meeting or event.

Winning horses often command high stud fees which can be sold to other owners looking for breeding stock for their own stable.

If a horse produces multiple winners or continues to perform well over a period of time, they can also be syndicated and sold off in shares.

Buy Racehorses Australia can provide ongoing returns, as well as the satisfaction of being part of an ownership group.

Owning a racehorse also provides great social benefits. It’s a wonderful way to share the joy and excitement of attending races with friends and family.

Buy Racehorses Australia have access to private boxes or dining and hospitality at major events, giving them the opportunity to entertain guests in style while enjoying the action on track.

There is also a strong sense of community among owners, making it easy to connect with other like-minded individuals who share your passion for racing.

For those looking to get involved in Buy Racehorses Australia racing but don’t have the capital to purchase a horse outright, there are racehorse shares available.

These provide an opportunity to invest in a share of a horse while paying far less than the full cost, allowing more people to participate in the sport and reap the financial rewards that come with it.

Buy Racehorses Australia can be an incredibly rewarding experience. Whether you’re looking for potential profits or simply want to enjoy the thrills of attending races, owning a racehorse provides an exciting way to do so.

With access to private boxes and social events as well as potential financial gains, Buy Racehorses Australia is definitely worth considering for any enthusiast or investor.

For more information on how you can get started buying your own racehorse, visit  for details and advice on the process.

Whether you’re an experienced owner or a first-time buyer, investing in a racehorse can be a great way to enjoy the sport and reap some rewards along the way.

The Process Of Buying A Racehorse In Australia

Buy Racehorses Australia fast becoming an increasingly popular activity, with more people than ever turning to the sport for their entertainment and passion.

However, it’s important to remember that buying a racehorse is not as simple as purchasing any other type of animal, there are several processes involved and the entire process should be taken seriously. We will explain the steps you need to take when looking to buy a racehorse in Australia.

Finding a reputable bloodstock agent

The first step towards finding your perfect racehorse is finding a reputable bloodstock agent who can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

Bloodstock agents have extensive knowledge of horse racing in Australia, as well as experience in assessing horses for Buy Racehorses Australia.

They can help you accurately assess each horse’s potential, advice on the best horses to look out for, and even offer you access to selected horses that are not available through public auction.

Researching potential purchases

Once you have found a suitable agent, it is important to begin researching potential purchases. This means looking into a horse’s pedigree and form, checking race records and considering any physical or behavioral issues which could affect their performance.

Also make sure to consider the costs associated with buying a racehorse, there are fees for training, transport, health checks and more that must be taken into account.

Attending horse sales and auctions

Finally, if you decide to go ahead with your purchase then attending horse sales or auctions may be necessary.

These events are well-attended, competitive and can be quite overwhelming for a first-time buyer, it is best to use the advice and guidance of your agent in order to make the most informed decision possible.

By following these steps, you should be well on your way to Buy Racehorses Australia. For more information and advice, be sure to visit the website of a reputable bloodstock agent such as , where you can find all the latest news and updates regarding racehorse sales in Australia, as well as further insights into horse racing and ownership.


Simon Zahra Racing is a reliable source for Buy Racehorses Australia. With a selection of premium horses, competitive prices and excellent customer service, customers can be sure they are getting the best possible horse racing experience. When purchasing from Buy Racehorses Australia.

So if you’re looking to buy a racehorse or become part of the action on the racetrack, look no further than Simon Zahra Racing for an unparalleled experience.

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